OCH BIO 251 is specially formulated for the control of microbiological growth in the reverse osmosis systems. OCH BIO 251 readily dissociates in water by a combination of hydrolysis, photo-chemical reaction and biological action.


Easy to handle liquid

Broad spectrum control at low dosages

can be used offline or online RO systems

No residuals to be maintained

compatible with other treatments & most membrane types


pH as such                     : < 2

Specific Gravity             : 1.00 – 1.10  

Appearance                    : colorless liquid

Water solubility             : Complete

 Direction for use

OCH BIO 251 should be injected in membrane systems after regular treatment as such or diluted if using online or to be fed in CIP tank to prepare solution for offline cleaning. The dosage and frequency of addition depends upon the severity of fouling, typical dosages are mentioned below:-

Online dosage: OCH BIO 251 is recommended at a dose level of 30-50 ppm to be dosed online for 4 to 5 hours, once in a week/fortnight in heavily fouled system along with Antiscalant.

Routine offline sanitation: OCH BIO 251 is normally recommended at a dose level of 300-500 ppm solution strength with product water and a soaking time of 3 to 4 hours.

Long – term Storage: OCH BIO 251 is recommended at a dose level of 700-750 ppm solution strength with product water for long term preservation of the membranes. It is recommended to replace the solution once in 25-30 days.

Note: This preservation method can only be applied after the membranes have been in operation for a minimum of one month.