Managed by qualified team of industry experts, we are effectively meeting the demands of water treatment chemicals. The offered product range includes Reverse osmosis chemicals, Sewage treatment chemicals, Effluent treatment chemicals & industrial chemicals These successfully meet the application demands of Mineral water industry, Engineering industry, Leather industry, Printing & Packaging industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Paint industry, Rubber industry & Textile industry etc..,



Environmental Services

OCH Chemicals developed environmental service division on a part of its operations. The environmental service division has a fully developed & modernized lab .

Lab Division:

  Raw water analysis (Physical / Chemical / Biological).

  Scale sample analysis.

  Sludge sample analysis.

  Process water analysis (Physical / Chemical / Biological).

  Special water parameter (As per the PCB / ISI).

  Air monitoring analysis of all parameters as per the standards.

  Special raw materials analysis used in water treatment.


OCH Chemicals and Systems as a separate Operation & Maintenance division with a service motto for protecting precious environment from various kinds of pollution through O & M contracts. The O & M division provides the complete solution (manpower / technical support, etc.,) to the client to maintain the water, soil and air at the standard level.

OCH services include:

 Site Inspection and trouble shooting

 Comprehensive design review

 Operation and maintenance review

 Preparation of techno-economic optimization analysis

 Practical recommendations report for the improvement of plant   performance   and operation costs.